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For participants Thank you for helping build the GenV family.

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Please email us at genv@mcri.edu.au

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Hear from our participants “A program like GenV really important for the future and directing health care into the right places.”

See what other families are saying at our blog here. 

Hear from GenV parents

Share your story GenV is a research program with families at its heart.

GenV aims to make things safe and easy for families who participate.  Once you join, our work will happen mostly in the background as we access information and samples that are already collected from a range of services.  From time-to-time, we will follow up about the health, development and wellbeing of you and your child.

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Watch more GenV videos "Since Joining GenV, it’s been very easy, everything through the app."

See what other families are saying by watching more videos here. 

Hear from GenV parents

our advance cohort

First GenV families

Our first GenV families joined with children born before 4 October 2021. These are our ‘Advance Cohort’ – the first families to join and help pave the way for the future of GenV!

Our Advance Cohort recruitment has closed.

your impact

How is your information being used?

We aim for GenV to be very easy for you. When you join GenV, we tell you that we access standard information and samples that services already collect. See the data and samples that GenV has already accessed. 

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Every 3-6 months we send “GenV News”. We update you on GenV news, findings, and exciting activities. These are available in multiple languages.  

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