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When can I join GenV?

Now! All Victorian families with babies born from October 2021 are able to join GenV.

If you live in Victoria and your child was born on or after 4 October 2021, we welcome you to join GenV!

Where is GenV happening?

If you are having a baby at a participating hospital, a GenV team member will visit you shortly after your child is born and invite you to join GenV. You can check the list of hospitals participating in GenV here.

If we miss you in hospital or you have a home birth, you can still join GenV. Contact us to let us know you want to take part.

GenV is carefully monitoring the current situation caused by COVID-19. This might disrupt GenV visiting parents at some hospitals. We will continue at affected hospitals only when it is reasonable and responsible to do so. You can still join GenV by contacting us directly.