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For health organisations Informing the growth and development of the health system.

GenV will provide new data to enable hospitals to better analyse long-term patient outcomes.

GenV aggregate data will be available to validated health services, hospitals, and other researchers for analysis and study, reducing the time and burden of additional data collection.

Working together, we can inform the growth and development of our health system to ensure it better supports children and families across all of Victoria.

Understanding GenV

GenV’s approach builds on existing systems and is designed to minimise the burden associated with current research practices.

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Accelerated Discovery of Solutions Understanding the benefits of GenV

GenV offers us a chance to transform how we solve our biggest problems in child and family health and wellbeing. With the support of health organisations, for example using leftover samples and existing processes to fill a major gap in current research, GenV will unlock discoveries that will improve the lives of families everywhere.

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Minimal on-site interruptions What happens in maternity hospitals?

With GenV providing staff across the state to recruit families into our cohort, we do not anticipate an impact on routine healthcare. GenV staff will facilitate a transparent ‘opt in’ consent process delivered in alignment with the Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program, ensuring minimal impact on hospital staff and resources.

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Parallel birth & parent cohorts How is GenV different to other research projects?

GenV offers a once in a lifetime chance to transform how we solve our biggest problems in child and family health and wellbeing, leveraging Victoria’s existing infrastructure in conjunction with state-wide parallel birth and parent cohorts.

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