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The benefits of GenV’s Data Repository

The collected, enhanced and linked datasets created by GenV’s high-uptake, high-retention, parallel whole-of-state parent and child cohorts will be a significant resource to researchers, service providers and policy makers.

GenV will create large and complex datasets within the GenV Data Repository, designed to integrate with Victoria and the Commonwealth’s developing data linkage capacity.

As a largely digital mega-study GenV will be a growing resource with studies able to add their own ethically-approved data into the Repository. Additionally, research conducted using GenV data will feedback to improve the available data.

Greater depth, breadth, quality and efficiency of research

By accessing and/or sharing study data with GenV in the context of a state-wide cohort and Repository, there are many potential research benefits. The benefits of GenV research include, but are not limited to:

  • Enables studies to access linked data that GenV holds but cannot provide to other studies due to custodian agreements (which may largely eliminate attrition for some datasets);
  • Build models based on total populations or any subgroups, including state-wide case-control and case-cohort comparisons, with options to include overlap and comorbidity of disease;
  • Enables greater data depth, breadth, and quality from genome to phenome across the lifecourse;
  • Consider and measure pre-baseline factors and longer-term outcomes than is currently possible;
  • Cuts down on research cost and waste (e.g. time spent setting up individual studies, duplication of participant burden);
  • Build partnerships and Open Science.

These benefits may apply to trials, registries and further cohort studies utilising GenV data.

We commit to equal access to the GenV Data Repository via the FAIR Principles and Five Safes Framework, with limited periods of protected data access from the point at which a complete usable dataset is available.

To enquire about accessing GenV data, or for any collaboration enquiries, contact us.