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The GenV Solutions Hub

We aim to build an innovation platform with and for researchers, practitioners, policy and service delivery people: now and into the future. This platform is the GenV Solutions Hub.

Central to achieving GenV’s vision is its capacity to build strong partnerships with key stakeholders.

These partnerships, bringing together a range of stakeholders and end-users to solve problems, intend to:

  • Capture the changing policy, research and service delivery landscape and opportunities
  • Through collaborative research, drive responsive, timely and innovative science and solutions
  • Promote the understanding of the GenV data and facilitate the data’s use and growth; and
  • Translate research into action.

The engine room of GenV’s impact

The GenV Solutions Hub is designed as the “engine room” of GenV’s impact. It drives GenV’s science, people capacity, knowledge translation, and enables broad-based funding for GenV’s analysis and research. The Solutions Hub is a dynamic, collaborative space designed to meet changing environments and new opportunities.

Find out more on how you can partner with GenV and build its impact here.