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GenV enables researchers to explore the issues affecting Victoria’s children and their families with greater speed and precision than we can today.

GenV will allow researchers to explore the critical links between environmental exposures, genome (genetics), physical characteristics and later outcomes across the life course, offering them the opportunity to increase the speed, precision and power of their work.

A whole-of-state birth and parent cohort Why GenV is significant to research

GenV’s primary objective is to create large, parallel whole-of-state birth and parent cohorts for discovery and interventional research. GenV will generate translatable evidence—including novel approaches to prediction, prevention, treatments, and services—to improve future wellbeing and reduce the future disease burden of all children and the adults they become.

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accelerated discovery and implementation The benefits of the GenV Data Repository

The datasets created by GenV’s high-uptake, high-retention, parallel whole-of-state parent and child cohorts will be a significant resource to researchers, service providers and policy makers. With this data, we can largely eliminate cohort attrition, building models based total populations or any subgroups therein, accelerating the discovery and implementation of solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing future generations of children.

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World-class infrastructure About the GenV Biobank

When storing and using bio-samples on the scale of GenV — a state-wide cohort of up to around 150,000 newborns and their parents — you need the infrastructure to build both the storage capacity and the ability to accurately retrieve samples for use in research. The GenV Biobank offers both.

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The GenV Solutions Hub Build GenV’s impact through research

The GenV Solutions Hub is designed as the “engine room” of GenV’s impact. It drives GenV’s science, people capacity, knowledge translation, and enables broad-based funding for GenV’s analysis and research in a dynamic collaborative space to meet changing environments and new opportunities.

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Data access frameworks Enquire about the data

GenV is developing its data and biosample access frameworks in 2022-23 while recruiting the state-wide cohort of newborns and their parents.

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Welcoming collaborations Enquire about collaborating with GenV

GenV welcomes expressions of interest for proposed collaborations with your trial, registry, or other research ideas.

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