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Has anything like GenV been done before?

In short, no! There has not been an initiative of this scale with an emphasis on child health.

Other large-scale studies have demonstrated the benefits of bringing together big numbers of participants and diverse kinds of data. GenV extends this principle to include an entire state of families from all backgrounds. We put the focus on the health and wellbeing of children and parents.

There are hundreds of studies and research projects that have been done around the world. These studies help us to understand adult health, particularly for middle aged adults and the elderly.

The research from these kind of projects has been important in developing many of the treatments we rely on today: GenV would like to do the same for children and families.

There have also been large cohort studies (studies where lots of people participate over a time period, all starting at the same time) aiming to do the same for children and families, such as Norway’s MoBa (Norwegian Mother, Father and Baby Cohort Study) and the 7 Up study. However, GenV is more than a single cohort study.

Why GenV is unique

GenV involves the entire state of Victoria, working with families, health professionals and policy makers to make treatments and services more effective. Additionally, GenV will actively seek solutions to the big challenges facing our children, families and communities.

Together, we can achieve something that has never been done before.


GenV starts as the largest planned research project in Australia and the largest newborn study in the world. We aim to develop insights across an entire generation to speed-up discoveries and solutions that benefit not just your child, but every child and the adults they will become.