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For health professionals A unique chance to accelerate solutions for child and parent wellbeing.

GenV is a state-wide research platform, with over 115,000 participants, that can transform how we solve our biggest problems in child and parent health and wellbeing.

Essential to this is the participation of families across Victoria. Parents and their babies, born between Oct-2021 to Oct- 2023 and living in Victoria, are invited to share health and development information about themselves and their child.

Health professionals can support GenV grow by alerting eligible families that they are welcome to join at any time.

By providing a complete picture of the health and wellbeing of a whole generation, GenV allows us to predict, prevent and treat problems faster—and with greater precision—than we can today.

Working together, health professionals can help GenV best represent our community and make this Victoria’s healthiest generation ever.

Understand the details

As a health professional, we hope you will become a key advocate for GenV. We’re here to ensure you understand key concepts and feel confident moving forward.

We encourage you to contact us directly with any unique or additional questions.

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Your support is crucial What is my role in GenV?

With GenV providing staff across the state to recruit families into our cohort, we do not anticipate an impact on routine healthcare. However, we welcome healthcare professionals to act as GenV ambassadors and appreciate any input you may have in the success of GenV.

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Tips for talking with parents How do I explain GenV to parents?

While we hope you will support GenV, we do not expect health professionals to be experts in GenV. We’re here to help you explain GenV to parents. You can encourage eligible parents to visit genv.org.au and the information page for parents. Eligible GenV families are able to join at any time – even if they declined to join during a hospital visit. GenV staff will reach out to any interested participants who have provided their details through the Join GenV button on our website.

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Leveraging existing information

What data is collected?

When families consent to join GenV, we will mostly join together existing data and samples that are already routinely collected from the participating family. The process is designed to be low burden for everyone engaging with GenV.

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How is the data secured?

GenV has purpose-built, world leading data systems and practices and we follow internationally recognised security protocols. GenV protects participant’s privacy by removing personal identifiers, like their name and contact details, from participant research data that is used by approved researchers.

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Understanding long-term outcomes How do I articulate the benefits?

GenV offers a once in a lifetime chance to transform how we solve some of the biggest challenges facing all children and their families, creating a more complete picture and an opportunity for hospitals⁠—and clinicians⁠—to understand long-term patient outcomes.

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