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GenV Students, Fellows & Postdocs

GenV is building future researcher capabilities through the broad and diverse skills of GenV Fellows, postdoctoral researchers and students.

The GenV student program provides students the chance to be part of something bigger than themselves – Australia’s most exciting child and pre-midlife project.  For a taster to research life, undergraduate and postgraduate students can fulfil degree or course placements with us. Students can enjoy the knowledge and enthusiasm of the multidisciplinary team at GenV, with all the benefits of the world-leading Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at the Melbourne Children’s Campus. 


Interested in a student project? Suggest a topic, or see some of our listed projects: 

Our Fellows and postdocs help drive areas of capability and research within GenV, and contribute to the development of tomorrow’s researchers both via their own early leadership pathways in GenV and supervising students. 

Interested in a Fellowship or postdoc? We can offer great projects for your funding applications (you’ll still need to meet any institutional requirements for the scholarships/fellowships you seek). Contact GenV’s Solutions Hub if you are interested in seeking external funding for a GenV research role. 

How to: GenV’s student program

How can I apply? 

Please contact supervisors directly via email to enquire about Honours, Masters and PhD projects. Submit an Expression of Interest form to apply for any advertised projects or to suggest a new one. If you want to find out more first, you can inquire with GenV’s Student  Coordinator. We will consider your availability, the strength of your application (including CV, transcripts, references) and an interview to decide whether GenV will be a good fit for you.  
Students require current police and Working With Children checks.  

Who can apply?  

Students may come from disciplines such as: 

  • Medicine  
  • Public health  
  • Economics  
  • Business  
  • Psychology  
  • Nursing  
  • Data science  
  • Social sciences  
  • Computer science 
  • Health information management 
  • Law 
  • Epidemiology and biostatistics 
  • Communications 

GenV accepts applications from students undertaking placements for course credit. We typically facilitate student placements (for the purpose of obtaining course credit) for:  

  1. Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students (typically honours, masters, PhDs, Postdocs) from a variety of disciplines. 
  2. Domestic and international students enrolled in Australian degree-bearing programs. 

What does a student placement with Geninvolve? 

Students may either drive an independent project or an area of research within GenV or obtain industry experience (an important requirement of some courses). They are part of the GenV team and undertake valuable tasks to set up and support GenV. Supervisors and the GenV Student Coordinator provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure that students are on track and supported in their roles. Students also participate in learning and development activities to grow their skills and expertise.   

Why join GenV as a student? 

  • Contribute to one of the world’s most exciting children’s and adults’ research projects;  
  • Develop your skills and experience in academic and scientific research;    
  • Access experienced supervision and mentoring across multiple disciplines; and  
  • Enjoy wide-ranging learning and development opportunities, including Campus seminars and presentations.    

How to: GenV’s Fellows and postdocs

Approach us with an idea or keep an eye out for availabilities on this website. You can contact GenV’s Solutions Hub if you are interested in seeking external funding for a GenV research role. 

Meet the GenV Fellows