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What is my role in GenV as a health professional?

GenV aims to be low burden to everyone involved, not just the families who choose to participate.

As such, we are streamlining our processes to align with the successful Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program (VIHSP), making GenV low impact.

GenV staff will operate in a very similar way to VIHSP in hospitals, meaning that clinical staff won’t have to recruit families and there will not be an impact on routine healthcare.

GenV provides detailed information for parents

We ask that you’re an advocate, not an expert.

We will send expecting parents information on GenV as part of their routine prenatal care. Then, shortly after their child is born, a GenV team member will visit them in hospital.

As a health professional, you may still receive questions from families. As part of our partnership with hospitals, we will provide clinical staff on site at hospitals with information they can refer to if this arises. We will also provide resources to health professionals in the community where we can, to ensure you have the information you need to feel confident about GenV. Learn more about explaining GenV to parents.

We hope clinical staff will support GenV and advocate for us, and hope that the information on this website, and in upcoming printed resources, will answer any questions you may have on GenV.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.