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for policy makers Strengthening services through data-led policy development.

GenV creates the opportunity to transform how we use data to inform policy and strategy development.

For the first time ever, GenV will provide a complete picture of the health and wellbeing of a whole generation of Victorian families. Through key partnerships, GenV’s evaluation and research can achieve lasting, evidence-based change. This will more readily inform practice, policies and resourcing for some of our biggest challenges in health and wellbeing.

Understanding GenV

Find out more about our collaborative approaches to evidence-based, insight-led strategy and policy development.

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Insights for precision policy Why GenV is significant

GenV offers an exciting opportunity to embed policy thinking into the development and implementation of the world’s largest cohort of children and their parents, here in Victoria. For the first time, policymakers will have data with the breadth and depth needed to not only plan for potential policy solutions of the now, but the policy solutions for the coming decades.

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Improved access to services, diagnosis, prediction and treatment

Understanding the benefits

GenV is a unique opportunity to address physical, mental and social issues experienced during childhood, as well as the antecedents of a wide range of diseases of ageing. GenV provides the platform for improved access to services, diagnosis, prediction and treatment, and opportunities to enhance or contribute to current public policy.

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GenV’s engine room for impact

The GenV Solutions Hub

The GenV Solutions Hub is designed as the ‘engine room’ of GenV’s impact. It drives GenV’s science, capabilities, and knowledge translation. The Solutions Hub is a dynamic, collaborative space designed to meet changing environments and new opportunities.

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Create long-term impact How to get involved in building GenV’s impact

Together, the GenV Focus Areas and Method Cores, drive responsive, timely and innovative science and solutions and execute knowledge translation to help solve problems facing children and the adults they become. Find out more and express your interest in joining one of the groups.

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