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Skill loss registry – first of its kind in Victoria

Photo Credit: Alireza Attari via unsplash.com

Skill loss during neurodevelopment 

Differences in early brain development occur in children who are later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (autism), intellectual disability or genetic or metabolic conditions.   

Children with autism for example, commonly experience a loss of language and social skills – ranging from mild to severe. Some may develop trouble with making eye contact and others stop using words.   

We don’t know exactly what causes autism, but we do know that assessment and early diagnosis (when the child’s brain is still developing) is the first step to help families get the support they need.  

Currently, in Victoria, 25% of children diagnosed with autism are said to have lost skills prior to the diagnosis. We also know that other children lose skills and do not progress to a diagnosis of autism.  

Could GenV help improve early diagnosis of autism? 

Funded by the Medical Research Futures Fund (MRFF), GenV and Monash University have partnered to develop a unique whole-state registry for young children who develop, but then start to lose, developmental skills – a deeply troubling situation.

The initiative creates an opportunity to identify children soon after their skill loss and uncover mechanisms that underpin autism and other diagnoses. We hope to fast track research discovery that could lead to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatments for many children who present with skill loss.