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Benefits of Open Science and two-way data sharing 

GenV prioritises collaborations committed to Open Science (also called Open Research). This means GenV aims to make data accessible to all researchers. Some collaborators generate new data and, once merged with GenV, may request a 9-month period for their own analyses. Then the new data are made available for all other researchers to use. We believe that Open Science benefits everyone – including families, the community, funders and researchers. 

Benefits for studies who collaborate with GenV: 

  • Faster and/or whole-of-state recruitment  
  • Access to GenV’s data for: 
    • Pre-existing confounders and effect modifiers 
    • Long-term outcomes 
    • Broader outcomes than could be collected by a single study 
    • Modeling trial outcomes to the Victorian population 
  • Linkage with external data within GenV or a custodian-approved environment, that would otherwise be inaccessible 
  • Increased value of GenV to the field of study  
    • More complete representation of specific conditions or characteristics  
    • Richer data relevant to the field of study 
  • “Future proofing” as funders and journal editors worldwide move to requiring Open Science approaches