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Where is GenV available?

GenV is working with partners and collaborators including all birthing hospitals across Victoria. We’re one of the world’s biggest research projects involving parents and children, but we cannot do it without the help from the hospitals with which we work.

GenV successfully launched at Joan Kirner Women’s and Children’s in Melbourne’s west in late 2020, and launched at more sites starting May 2021, before rolling out Victoria-wide. Since October 2021, every family having a baby in Victoria has the chance to participate in GenV

GenV is currently at:

You can also join GenV at home!

If GenV was not available at your birth hospital or you had a home birth, you are still welcome to join GenV. Please contact us here to let us know you want to take part.

If we missed you in hospital or if you decide to take part later, please contact us to register your interest in GenV.