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Recognising our nurses

Nursing is a time-honoured profession. And over the past year, the efforts of our local nurses have never been more important to both individual care and population health outcomes. 

Globally, the International Day of the Nurse occurs each year on 12 May, the birth date of Florence Nightingale. In 2021the International Council of Nurses aims to recognise the leadership of the nursing profession worldwide in providing a vision for future healthcare.  

The vision of future healthcare is also at the forefront of all that GenV is aiming to achieve through its world-leading research project. Nurses are playing a critical part in helping GenV realise this goal, explains GenV Senior Area Manager and nurse and midwife of 30 years, Lisa Oro. 

“GenV employs around 50 highly-experienced nurses and midwives, with over 100 new jobs created across Victoria.  

“Our field team works closely with health services. Their extensive experience in clinical settings ensures GenV remains low-burden for staff, whilst ensuring new families are invited to be a part of GenV in an informed and personal way,” she said.   

Lisa, who is responsible for GenV field activities across the western region of Victoria, said that as a nurse and midwife herself, she remains passionate about maternity and child health outcomes.  

 Nurses and midwives, as the largest healthcare profession, are crucial in transforming health care and health systems. Their profound knowledge and clinical expertise have the capacity to drive the future of healthcare in Australia.  

“GenV has the potential to influence the future of maternity care, whilst simultaneously transforming care provision during the formative years. I am proud to work as part of an extensive team on this important project,” she said.  



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