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Afaf HumamSpotlight on the ‘Humans of GenV’

I work as a research recruiter and conduct recruitment visits at Dandenong Hospital. Throughout my studies, I’ve always had a keen interest in public health and quickly learned that my passion lies in studying and optimising the health and wellbeing of people, especially individuals within minority communities. This led me to look for roles within the public health space to make a meaningful contribution and work in an area I’m passionate about.

Being a part of the GenV group is quite amazing, and the aspect of recruitment I enjoy most is the diversity of individuals you meet on every shift. Engaging with a wide range of people and meeting all the different personalities makes the role much more exciting and enjoyable.

GenV as an initiative is vital in increasing our knowledge of childhood conditions and why they are being diagnosed more frequently in our population. The data we collect in recruitment visits and the information we continue to receive by maintaining contact with participants is essential in better learning about their lives and improving our understanding of health outcomes in children. Through GenV research, there is great potential to improve the health of future generations.

GenV caters to a wide demographic by making research information available in many languages, providing individuals of all ethnic backgrounds the opportunity to participate. Being able to recruit in both English and Dari is so rewarding as families that would otherwise be excluded from research can engage and get involved.

Saujanya Gumidyala
Article by Saujanya Gumidyala