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Meet 1-year-old GenV baby, Arthur!

Generation Victoria (GenV) is a research project with a simple but hugely important goal: To transform the health and wellbeing of an entire generation of Victorians.

We interviewed GenV mum Sasha about why she and her son Arthur joined GenV.

Why did you join GenV?

I joined GenV because I wanted to be a part of the promises and journey the research of this team is aiming for I love filling out surveys about Arthur’s health and sharing my baby’s journey to this great team.

What exciting things has little Arthur done in his 1st year?

Arthur is a happy, bubbly, cheeky little man and was a late teether but has two now. He loves the car, went to Puffing Billy (was a big hit), started swimming (has a little fish) and crawls everywhere after his two older brothers.

What are you most looking forward to in being part of GenV?

I’m most looking forward to seeing and checking in with the goals this team is trying to achieve by being a part of GenV I can’t wait to get updates

What would you say to other parents considering joining GenV?

It’s a great way to be involved with research and tests to link families to their children I absolutely think everything GenV are doing they can achieve if more and more parents are jumping in and providing that tiny bit of love to the research in the early baby days. Being with GenV is not hard and I HAPPILY fill in the occasional survey when required.

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