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Meet 1-year-old GenV baby, Henry!

Generation Victoria (GenV) is a research project with a simple but hugely important goal: To transform the health and wellbeing of an entire generation of Victorians.

We interviewed GenV mum Lauren about why she and her son Henry (who celebrated his one-year birthday this July!) joined GenV.

Why did you join GenV?

To help research and improve lives and health in future

What exciting things has little Henry done this year?

He survived covid and various colds at a very young age, around six weeks old. He has grown so much from his 2.45 kg at birth and he’s now at the 25th percentile in weight.  He’s a chatterbox like his mum and dad.

What are you most looking forward to in being part of GenV?

Just having the opportunity to learn and make lives better with knowledge.

What would you say to other parents considering joining GenV?

Do it, there are only positives!

GenV Team
Article by GenV Team