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Spotlight on Participant Support Coordinator Laura McMullin

What is your role at GenV?

My role at GenV is Participant Support Coordinator. It’s a diverse role that sees me as first point of contact for our 117,000+ participants while also collaborating with incredibly clever colleagues to develop bespoke, purpose built systems aimed to strengthen participant experience, data quality, depth, and completeness.

What’s your favourite part of your role?

It has to be the diversity in the role! I’m fortunate to influence so many parts of GenV and ensure our generous families are at the heart of what we’re doing. GenV isn’t possible without our amazing families and their support. By working closely with so many talented people with different backgrounds and expertise, I’ve developed new skills and interests, made amazing friends, and constantly feel inspired be everyone’s “why” for working on GenV.

Why do you think GenV is important?

I think there are many common conditions that we still say “we don’t know enough about” or “needs further research”. GenV by design is trying to make it possible to answer questions at a rate and quality that typical research studies struggle to due to not enough participants, data, or resources. I’m so excited by what problems GenV is going to help solve because of this. Especially because GenV invites bright minds from all over the world to come collaborate to answer common and complex questions. To that end, i think GenV is important for researchers, families, policy makers, and governments – for everyone.

What excites you about the future of the program?

Because of the way it’s being designed, GenV is open to adapt to suit the needs of research into the future. It’s not an A to B project, it’s A to endless possible pathways and outcomes, many we haven’t even dreamed of yet. It’s a living, breathing platform for incredible research to happen. I feel so excited by the fact that GenV acknowledges that best practice changes and evolves, and that it’s designing itself to be able to flex to these changes.

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