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What is GenV and Me?

GenV aims to give a complete picture of the health and wellbeing of an entire generation of parents and children. Every family matters. 

GenV combines information from families with data already collected by other services. It asks very little of parents. Future research can then find answers to complex health and wellbeing questions faster than we can today. 

‘GenV and Me’ is the purpose-built App that makes this easy. It’s how we stay in touch with families, and how parents add data over time. As GenV children grow, so does GenV. 

About four times a year, GenV and Me sends out a new survey. Each survey has questions and other activities (like recordings, photos and games). Parents tell GenV how they and their child are doing on important issues – like quality of life, health conditions, development, sleep and feeding, and being a parent. Its content is guided by parents, professionals and research experts. 

All up, it takes around 10 minutes each time (and no more than 20). We know how valuable parents’ time is. Parents can choose to do all, some or none of the activities. However, the more complete the surveys, the more valuable the information.  

Parents can complete GenV and Me on-line in a browser – we send a link each time. Or they  can download it via the Apple Store or the Google Play Store (for Apple or Android users). 

Screenshots of the GenV and Me app

A purpose-built, secure survey tool.  

We use GenV and Me to collect information for the GenV program.  GenV is committed to your privacy. It only uses your personal information in accordance with privacy laws. Our GenV and Me and other data systems are purpose built for GenV and have very high security standards.   

Like all Apps – there are rules around what you can and can’t do. These rules are called the Terms of Use. 

Click here to see GenV and Me’s Terms of Use and Privacy Information, and here to see the GenV Participant Information Statement. 

WeGuide – GenV’s technology partner   

GenV and WeGuide are partners. They both want the GenV and Me App to be easy, quick and safe.  

WeGuide is an Australian digital health company at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. WeGuide builds Apps for health research studies and healthcare providers.  

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute runs GenV. It has a long relationship with WeGuide and their parent company, Curve Tomorrow. 

WeGuide sends emails/SMS and hosts GenV and Me. WeGuide meets GenV’s high security standards. Learn more about WeGuide at weguide.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions - GenV and Me

What is GenV and Me?

What is GenV and Me?

Once you join GenV, we contact you about four times a year. Each ‘GenV and Me’ survey has short questions and health and development activities. This is how parents add to GenV as their child grows.  

GenV and Me is the App to do this. You complete short ‘GenV and Me’ surveys and tasks on-line. Or, you download the App onto your device (phone, tablet).  

All up, the GenV and Me survey takes a few minutes each time. We know how valuable your time is. You can choose to do all, some or none of the surveys. However, we hope you can do them all. The more complete your survey, the more valuable your information.  

GenV lets you know when a new survey is available. We send an email, text message or push notification. You don’t need to do anything until then. 

What is GenV and Me about? What kind of topics does it cover?

What is GenV and Me about? What kind of topics does it cover?

GenV and Me surveys ask about your and your child’s health and well being and your child’s development. Examples include health conditions, what your child can do now, how you feel as a parent, and about your family life and household. Some topics stay the same. Others change each time  

It always has some survey questions. Sometimes it includes photos, recordings or interactive activities like puzzles. We try to make it easy, quick and interesting for you to stay in GenV.  

The GenV and Me App is also how we stay in touch with you. It can ask about your health. We won’t provide specific health advice to you and your family but where we can we will provide general health information and guidance that we hope is useful. However, the App can’t give medical advice. 

When will GenV ask me to complete surveys and activities?

When will GenV ask me to complete surveys and activities?

About four times per year, GenV sends you a short survey to update us on how you and your child are going. Each one takes about 10 minutes to do.   

Usually, they arrive around your child’s birthday and then 3, 6 and 9 months later. 

If you joined GenV very early, your first surveys will arrive later. This is because GenV and Me wasn’t ready – we are sorry about this. We hope you will pick up the survey at a slightly older age.   

How do I get the GenV and Me app on my phone or device? How do I get to the GenV and Me website?

How do I get the GenV and Me app on my phone or device? How do I get to the GenV and Me website?

You can do GenV and Me surveys in two ways: 

  • Online in your internet browser 
  • Via the GenV and Me App – in the Apple Store or and Google Play.  

How it works: 

We send you a message when your first GenV and Me survey is ready. You click on the link in the email or SMS text. You will be directed to GenV and Me ‘pick a platform’ page that asks you to choose between the website version or downloading the App.  

If you click on the website option, you will be taken to the GenV and Me website (genvandme-app.weguide.com.au). You can start without downloading anything.  

If you click on the mobile app option, you will be taken to the Apple App store or Google Play store. (Or you can go to the store, search ‘GenV and Me’, and download it.)

How do I log in for the first time on a device? Why don't I have a username and password?

How do I log in for the first time on a device? Why don't I have a username and password?

We use a magic link instead of a username and password. It is safer, quicker and easier.  

The first time you use GenV and Me on a device (phone, tablet, laptop), there is a quick process to authenticate your device. This is how we know it belongs to the person we invited into GenV. Using the device, follow these three steps: 

  1. Open the message from GenV letting you know or reminding you there is a survey ready for you to completeClick on the link in this message, which will take you to the GenV and Me App or website.  
  2. On the login screen, click the ‘login’ button and enter either your email or mobile number that you gave GenV to contact you 
  3. We will send you a second message to this email or mobile number. Open the message and click on the link. It will take you into the GenV and Me App (if installed) or website.  

The next time you use that device, you can click on the new survey message and go straight into the App or website. Easy! 

If you change your device, you will go through the two step authentication process to authenticate your new device (going through the same 3 steps as above).

Something went wrong? Try these tips: 

  • The login screen won’t accept my mobile number – don’t enter the ‘0’ at the start. For example, if your mobile number is 0400 111 222, enter ‘400 111 222 
  • The login screen won’t accept my email or mobile number – use the latest email or mobile number you gave GenV. Could you have given us a different number or email? 
  • The link in the second message expires after 1 hour. If it has expired, start the process again 
  • Didn’t get the second message? It can take a few minutes to arrive. Check your junk and spam folders 
  • Make sure you use the same device for the whole process. It won’t work if for example, you click the first message on your laptop and then the second message on your phone. If you want to use a laptop to complete your GenV and Me surveys, it will be easier if at the second step, you enter your email than your mobile number.  
  • Still not in? Contact GenV at genv@mcri.edu.au or call 1800 436 888 (1800 Gen VVV) during business hours 
I’ve lost my email or SMS with links to login. How do I login?

I’ve lost my email or SMS with links to login. How do I login?

Visit genvandme-app.weguide.com.au. 

Reset your password by entering your email or mobile number and clicking ‘forgot password’.  

Still not in? Contact GenV at genv@mcri.edu.au or call us on 1800 GEN VVV during business hours. 

What’s next?

GenV and Me launched in May 2022. Expect some early bugs and rapid development! 

For now, it’s in English only. Soon, it will be in many languages.    

In future we hope GenV and Me can give some feedback on surveys that parents may value 

See more GenV and Me FAQs, including troubleshooting tech issues, by heading over to our complete list of FAQs. You can read the GenV and Me Terms of Use and Privacy Information here.