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Together we can transform the health and wellbeing of an entire generation.

GenV is a sophisticated research project with a simple goal: A better approach to child health, development and wellbeing in Victoria.

Through information shared from Victoria’s families and world-class research practice, together we can shape a future where all children can grow to be their best, and all parents can enjoy their best health.

For parents Contribute to better health and wellbeing outcomes for Victoria's children and parents

Over a two-year period, we’re asking parents of newborns across the whole of Victoria to be a part of GenV by safely and securely sharing information with us about themselves and the health and development of their newborn.

For the first time ever, this will give us a complete picture of the health and wellbeing of a whole generation, allowing us to unlock discoveries that improve the lives of all families.

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For Health Professionals A once in a generation chance to accelerate solutions for health and wellbeing

This generation faces increasing rates of complex health and development problems. GenV aims to accelerate discoveries that will improve the lives of children and the adults, now and tomorrow.

To achieve this, we need parents of newborns to choose to share their information with us to give us an inclusive and precise understanding of health and wellbeing across Victoria.

We hope clinical staff will support GenV and advocate for us.

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How does GenV work?

  1. 01 We seek consent to collect information about you and your baby

    Information is only collected with your consent. A GenV team member will talk you through the process and answer your questions. If you decide not to consent at that point, you can join us later.

  2. 02 Information is collected, de-identified and secured

    Some information and samples are collected when you consent. We then start bringing together data that is already held by services and agencies, asking you for information along the way. Information is de-identified to separate personal identifiers and research data. All information is stored securely and held by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

  3. 03 Researchers look for trends and patterns

    Researchers use the data to discover the answers to how we can predict, prevent and treat health and wellbeing problems better than we can today.

  4. 04 The insights are used to improve health and wellbeing

    Research findings are used to make changes to the way health, education and social services are delivered, improving the health and wellbeing of children and their families.

Our partners and supporters

GenV is made possible through the combined capability of: