Let’s make this our healthiest generation ever.

GenV is one of the world’s most exciting child and parent research initiatives.

About the project

Imagine a health system built on prevention, not just treatment.

Imagine researchers having a complete picture of the health and wellbeing of a whole generation of children and their parents.

Imagine solutions for allergies, learning difficulties, anxiety and other health problems.

Imagine a future where signs of disease can be detected before they occur.

GenV exists to help achieve this future. GenV is led from the Melbourne Children’s Campus (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, The Royal Children’s Hospital and University of Melbourne, supported by The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation).

From mid-2021 and over two years, every family having a baby at birthing hospitals across Victoria will be offered the chance to participate in GenV, no matter their background or location.

It’s easy to join GenV – learn how your family can get involved.

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